Actions that will magnet and glue you to your desired life.

We all have hopes and desires in our lives and our daily prayers are that our dreams come true. But God had designed human lives in sure a way that for we get to the path and thought He had for all, we need to first pull out our lives for others. He designed human lives to (in part) for my life to be complete and enjoyable; I need what he had also place in you. If everybody becomes a word teacher who will make the picture that enhance them and make you effectively communicate to a large member of people.

That was the reason He says in Romans 12:4-5……….As one body have many members (parts) and the entire parts do not all have the same function, so we are; though many but one in Christ all individual members for another.

In this year, I know you desire to settle down in your homes, you desire to have more financial blessings, have a more peaceful and enjoyable marriage. For you to successfully achieve all these you desire, you need to release a part of you belonging to others.

You cannot trap down someone’s blessing and expect God to touch another to release yours.

I will be sharing with you four actions you need to allow to be part of your life this year and let 12months count down and see how your life becomes and your desire come through.

  1. Becoming someone’s helper: You need to learn the culture of helping others. When you allow the one with you go, the one that is to come; come in abundance.

The bible says, except a corn of wheat dies, it abides alone but when it dies it brings up much fruit.

Look at it, when you take a seed of corn, it will remain one seed forever but, the only way it can become multitude of seeds is when you put it on the soil to first become nothing, risk it because it is possible you put it to the ground, it comes back with multitude of seed.

We are use to praying for divine helpers, the quickest way to see that prayers answered is to become a divine helper to someone because, every act is a seed; and whatsoever a man sow, so shall he reap. The word says “As the earth remaineth, seed time and harvest shall not cease”

And to become someone divine helper, you can start from anywhere. It could be simple standing on the street, you see someone walking with two heavy bags or seeing a woman carrying two or three children, and you help with one. That is divine helper to that person because the person did not know you will show up as at the time he or she left the location they were coming from.

When I was preparing this message, I told the Holy Spirit to tell me what to teach only what he will make happen. That means as many that will practice all that I teach today, God will make it happen to you a hundred fold.

You are somebody’s divine helper, until you sow yourself to someone’s life; the one that is destined to sow to your life will not come. There is nothing magical about Christianity, it practical, what you make happen to others, God will make it happen to you.

Deut 15:7

Your relationship is an undertaken; your home is an undertaken, your health, work, your business. If you learn to be a help agent to someone this year, God will work through everybody, everything to make your marriage come true this year.

You know when you want to get married or in a relationship, any careless statement can spoil any relationship.

A guy can take a woman to a friend’s house and for just no reason the friend will say “no be this guy, it could be the parents that will just stand against it for no reason” but when you become a help to someone else, God will work through the mind and minds of others, work and bring finances and all it takes to make yours happen. The good things you desire in this year will not happen because you went from one prayer house to another, one church service to another but that you become like Jesus to someone this year. That woman in your life, look for a way to become a help to her, that man you are dating what else does he enjoy in his life now because of you? Everybody enjoy to be helped and are attracted to help.

There is no one you will be in his or her life and their life is softer and better in one way or the other that will not want to keep you around.

Again, one of the ways to be preferred above others is when you can be helper to your spouse or intending spouse life.

  1. Become Love: Another action that will never fail to bring reward in your life is learning to love others. (1john2:9-10)

A lot of people are not married today because they keep stumbling into wrong hands, wrong relationship. If you want God to direct you into the right place of blessing this year, you have to walk in love. Love everybody; remove hatred from your heart, jealousy, envy.

He that loves his brother abides in light. There is no occasion of stumbling in him. This is one action you will practice, that will guaranty your right placement in all you do this year and beyond.

Let me further explain this scripture to you; John 1:1-4 “In the beginning was the word”

Let’s see 1John 3:14.

  1. Become a good time manager: You are what you put your time to do, time is very key to anything you will ever become on earth, Even the way you spend your time now will determine not only what will become of you now but also in eternity.

One of the actions you will learn to practice this year is maximizing your time for greater output. You have to create at least one hour every day for prayers and spending time your maker. You have to create time to learn, think, read, if you invest time doing that at a particular time for a period of 12months, you will see the practical result in your life. Reduce things that steal your time unnecessarily and invest right. This is one thing that keeps people from stealing. Lack of time management will steal your wealth, will steal your joy, organization, productivity and hand over you to poverty, regret, shame later in life.

As a single woman, invest that time praying for the fruit of the spirit in your life. There are some qualities you possess that make you irresistible to opposite sex. The spirit of meekness, care, kindness, love, patient, direction, pray out wrong people from your life, gets to know for yourself what God is saying concerning you.

Spend time to learn, think, to read this year. The life am living now and the things am teaching today came out of what am teaching you today. If you do not learn to manage your time to do the right things now, even when the opportunity comes, you will loss it because you are not prepared for it. A lot of people have lost good relationship and a lot of marriage are in a mess because, the people involve were not adequately equip for it.

Manage your time; you will see it to equip yourself for the good times on, their way to you this year.

  1. Be expectant of your reward: As you practice all this, be expectant of your reward and be conscious of your heavenly investment, they will all come back to your life this year. Have an enjoyable journey.