Secrets To Attract A Prospective Spouse And Keep A Good Marriage

  1. Spirit of cheerfulness: To be cheerful is to put on a bright countenance and a cheerful person is always easily noticed. A person with a cheerful countenance is someone with the spirit of hope and faith in him or her tomorrow. A cheerful person has challenges the way a moody and sad person does but the difference is the way they choose to handle it.

Hope tells you relax, God is working on your case; Faith tells you, it is done already, it is mine for the taking just waiting for the appointed time to get hold of it. You cannot carry these two forces inside of you and still be sad and moody.

Sadness and a hasten countenance is a state of hopelessness and it is a great enemy to relationship and marriage. no sad person can make a good wife or husband, moody countenance drives a prospective spouse.

Ruth 3: 1-3 “wash and anoint yourself and put on your best clothes then go to the threshing floor”

She was saying to her daughter in-law to put away her sad countenance, the sadness on her face was as a result of the husband she lost. Now wear a new countenance, it is time to be attractive. No one can ever be attracted to a moody and hostile person not even God.

There is nothing that put God away like a complaining and a sad spirit.

1 Samuel 1:18-19

There was a woman called Hannah that was barren and that kept her complaining and sad all her life; and as long as she remain that way, her situation never change either. Until she prayed and the bible recorded her countenance was no longer sad and she conceives the next chapter.

The world is like a market place, the quality of a product is what makes it sellable. The values you carry is what makes you attractive to a prospective spouse or keep you on top of your spouse list.

People already have a lot to deal with, nobody want to add a burden to their life. The more a solution you are, the more sellable and attractive you become; you must learn to be the change you want to see..

  1. Your approach to things: A lot of issues you see today in marriage and relationship is as a result of wrong approach. You can resolve a big issue that could have led to break up with the way you handle it. (A soft answer turns away anger) no relationship can survive in the hand of a fool. Marriage is for wise people.

If you develop a good method of approach you will own any man or woman. For you as a woman to lose a man to another woman or for your husband not to be wishing if there was another word he will marry you, you not know how to approach him. Wisdom will keep you in a man’s heart forever. ( Example with my gold earring with Dafe)

A lot of woman are losing their men too women outside; why the power of approach.

Proverbs 5:3 says “the lips of a strange woman drops as a honey comb and her mouth is smoother than oil”

What if you learn wisdom and make your lips a honeycomb and your mouth smoother than oil. Nobody will compete with you over your spouse.  Everyone in a relationship whether man or woman like to learn this because you are not just protecting that man or woman but in keeping your home in constant agreement, you are keeping your prosperity; you are keeping your answers prayer, you are keeping your children’s future.

Marriage is the cure for poverty. It is an anti-poverty programme God put in marriage, it was until marriage came that dominion came.

Esther 5: 3-8, 7: 6-8

The way you approach things draw people to you or away from you. Most often than not, we meet our spouse in schools, churches, meetings like this, place of work, some area where you live.

Your composition, approach, your countenance will draw that person away from you or to you. There are people you hold in high esteem and an issue will come up, the way the person will handle it they will lose your respect.

You take a Taxi or bike and there is an argument over a right change you should collect; do not start clapping hand on the bike or taxi’ man face, you do not know who is watching that had ad his eyes on you r a woman that had always seen you as a gentle man. Relationship and marriage is an aptitude test, a man or woman may be attracted to you because of your good looks, it takes good attitude and good personality to keep them.

  1. Good attitude: you can never succeed in marriage or relationship without a good attitude. That is why at singles and married today it is a common topic. Most cases a man start dating another woman outside or a wife is misbehaving and they run to pastor and pastor said let’s pray for two or three days; well prayers is very good, we ought to ask what is she doing wrong. A man that do not fear God enough or know the covenant of marriage can because of greed sleep with another woman outside but for the woman to now own your man and he wants to do away with you; you failed the attitude test

No man or woman you put honey in their mouth and they will spit it out. It is not that the man wants to be a gay or she now wants to be a lesbian; is still another woman he is with. There must be something that other person is doing that you are not doing both spiritual and physical. You know people are quick to deceiving themselves that the other person is using juju. What happen to you, the heaven is open; you are an institution that God himself created and He is backing. Your attitude is like your sales agent. It tells who you are on the inside.