For the past couple of years, my marriage has been experiencing storm that looks as though it will not end…

I live with problems as though they are not problems. It all started when I dreamt that a big truck came to hit my house, and the house was shaking, we all ran out. Few weeks later my husband took his bag and travelled; he refused to return home for two years.

During that period, he was dating a woman that later had a baby for him, though the child later died.

He was no longer taking care of his responsibility; I was left to take care of all the bills.

He came back to us afterwards, even at his return he does not provide for the family’s needs, claiming he has no money but was dating women around.

He goes out every day at 5:30 to 6am to see one of his girlfriends. One day I decided to trace where he was going that early and I saw him with a lady. And I walk towards them and ask who the girl was; he replied, “The same way people know you as my wife, is the same way they know her as my girlfriend”.

He flaunts different pictures of girls on phone, also conversation with ladies.

A friend invited me to Singles & Married Today; I met with Pastor Judith and told her all that was happening. And she gave me prayer points to pray, she told me every night I should wake up and rebuke the spirit of whoredom from my home in the name of Jesus and she prayed with me. After speaking with her that Sunday, I decided to stick to her advice, and I prayed as she had advised and suddenly things turned around. My husband sticks to me now; he does not go out or make suspicious calls anymore. Praise be to the Lord.

Mrs. Uduak. D. (Lagos, Nigeria)

I normally have sex with my partner, within three weeks I attended Singles & Married Today’s conference, I realized it was wrong to have sex outside of marriage. When I could not convince my partner to follow suit, i have to let go of that relationship and move on, I am now free from sexual sin.

SIS. D.O  (Lagos, Nigeria)

I had a serious trouble with my husband on New Year day; it started on the cross over night, when my husband went back to his old habit of drinking that he promised once and again not to return to.

We have been married for 18years and I had be putting up with this bad habit, that constantly bring shame to the family because he misbehave publicly each time he drinks. But this one on cross over night went out of hand and I decided to end our marriage once and for all. I reported the issue to authority and filed for divorce. We informed our children about our decision and they were in support because they were tired of the shame their father brings to them.

Somehow, I got into Glorious living singles and married ministry facebook page and I read one on the article on “HOW TO BE A CHOICE SPOUSE” one of the point was “Learn to go out of your way for others” I read how women like Queen Esther, Rebecca and Ruth went out of their way to serve others and how God rewarded them. Then I decided to go out of my way for my husband, until God heals him of his drinking habit. I called my children the next day to tell them, there will not be divorce between their father and I.

Before he got back from work, I made his favorite meal which I had stopped doing. Now, I have chosen to love my husband like Christ loved me.

Thanks to pastor Judith’s teachings.

MRS. B.O, (from Europe)

I read what you wrote concerning “sex an act of worship”   I believe it is true; it is so clear and mind blowing as “we say”. I pray that all bonds between me and those men I  had sex with be broken; I also pray for God’s forgiveness for worshipping satan with my body.

R.LEE, (New York City)

I have been married for eleven years and have four children. I was having problems in my marriage for a long time, I made up my mind to quit my marriage and I started making plans to leave. I had already informed my family back home. After i watched Pastor Judith’s interview on “HOW TO MANAGE CRISES IN MARRIAGE” on NTA (National Television Authority) I said to myself, this was all I needed to put my dying marriage in order. So, I applied everything I jotted from the interview; praise God my marriage is restored.

RACHEAL. A (Torino, Italy)

After reading on “THE FORCES THAT GROWS LOVE IN MARRIAGE AND RELATIONSHIP” the burning flame in my marriage was quenched. God bless you Pastor Judith.

 KENEDY. O   (Port Harcourt, Nigeria)

I use to have a severe headache but during the worship at Singles & Married Today I received my healing during the worship.  It’s gone for good.

Sis. Joy, (Lagos Nigeria)

I got a copy of Keys to Happy Living Magazine through my colleague, at that point; my husband and I were not in talking terms for about three months. As I read some of the advice from by Pastor Judith, I knew it was what we needed at that point in our marriage. I placed it where my husband can see it. When I returned from work

He called me that evening and said “let’s talk about our differences” and that was one of the advices on KHL and I said to myself he must have read it.

So that was how we were able to resolve our differences, and I was blessed by pastor Judith teachings though I am a Muslim.

Mrs. Shittu, (Lagos Nigeria)

I went to wisdom bookshop to buy a bible for my son and i was given a copy of Keys To Happy Living Magazine. Before now, I have been having issues in my marriage and I felt my husband was the problem (cause). Until I read from KHL magazine, where she WROTE   “BECOME WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE IN YOUR MARRIAGE” and I did exactly as she had advised. I became the CHANGE and my husband changed as well. It been two weeks since I read KHL, my husband and I have not had any issue. And this was not the usual.

Anonymous, (Lagos Nigeria)

My parent were going through divorce, reason been that; my father accused my mother of infidelity and my mother was not ready to explain anything to him. Their decision was affecting our family and I decided to meet with Pastor Judith and told her about it, she prayed with me; by the evening of that day, everything changed. My mother greeted my   father for the first time after a long while and he responded, they ate together that evening, and the issue was resolved. Praises to God.

Bro. Samuel, (Lagos Nigeria)

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your write up on “SEX AN ACT OF WORSHIP” Your ministry is much needed!!! Thank you for the courage.

Cortez. T

I read your article on “sex an act of worship”. It’s been a blessing to me because it explained the essence of sex in marriage. I think every man and woman should read about it. Thank you and God bless you.

Osas. O, (Abuja, Nigeria)

I have been through and still nursing the wounds from a heart break. I use to hear what happen to me as stories from people’s experience, not even people I knew directly, but never did I envisage that one day, I would go through the same experience I heard as stories or watched in movies. I am a victim of heartbreak!

I lay curse on the man who deceived me (my ex-boyfriend) and every other person who contributed to the collapse of my relationship everyday as I weep.

But after reading this piece (Keys To Happy Living Magazine) I became relieved as every word of advice contained in it sunk into my head.

I feel lighter now having made up my mind to forgive, accept things the way they are and move on with my life, hoping that one day, God will prove himself to me.

Once again, I thank you Pastor Judith for this wonderful write-up and pray that God will continue to use you in transforming people’ life positively.

CHIKA. I. (Lagos Nigeria)

I have been having challenges in my home for the past three years; from the day I got married I lost every chance of happiness. My marriage was worse than a bed of thorns, and in the middle of my challenge I got a copy of KEYS TO HAPPY LIVING MAGAZINE, I decided to email Pastor Judith.  We arranged for a meeting, while counseling me; she made an illustration with my physical body. She asked” if one of your hand is feeble, would you think of cutting it off? Rather you will look for a means of healings. She said, your husband is a part of you do all you can to save your marriage” after counseling, she prayed with me.

Thereafter, I started applying all she advised me in my marriage. I want to thank you Pastor Judith for your prayers and to tell you that God has really answered, though it has not been easy but I have experience the long peace in my marriage since I met you. My husband has really changed a great deal, I pray that God will complete this good work he has started in my marriage. I give God all the glory.

SIS. ANUMA, (Lagos Nigeria)

I was having problems in my marriage, to the point that I decided to leave my home, and I was not ready to change that decision unless God comes down himself.

A week before, I met this woman of God. The moment she walked in, the spirit of God told me “THIS IS A WOMAN OF GOD, WALK WITH HER” To confirm that, as she walked close I greeted her as if we have met before. Immediately, she handed me KEYS TO HAPPY LIVING MAGAZINE, and we exchanged complimentary cards.

A day after I called my lawyer to initiate my divorce procedure; I was talking to my brother that I needed to see a counselor when my phone rang and it was this woman of God. I told her I would need to see her and we arranged to meet that afternoon. She prayed with me and spoke to me as if God himself was the one counseling me. I got home that day and my husband started apologizing to me. That was something he never did since we got married. That night, I had a dream and God told me that since I said, I would not stay in my marriage again unless He came down; He said to me “ I have come down in the person of my daughter whom I sent to you”

The next day I reconciled with my husband, we attend Singles & Married Today together, and we are having a great time in our home; I give God all glory for this ministry!

Evangelist. Precious. (Lagos Nigeria)

I have been married to my wife for Seventeen years (17) and we have four children. Following some misunderstanding, my wife left me and the children for two months and said she was no longer interested in the marriage. People including some pastors have tried to intervene, but to no avail. Three weeks ago, I came across a copy of KEYS TO HAPPY LIVING MAGAZINE, I read it and I was so blessed.

So, I decided to call Pastor Judith and we agreed to meet the next day. After discussing my marital challenges with her, she advised me to keep calling and showing love to my wife that love does not fail. I complied with her advice, and a week later she invited me for a prayer meeting on Friday. We prayed and she decreed that my wife would surely return home, and within 48hours, my wife came back home. After which the woman of God came to our house to counsel and pray with us.  Our marriage has been restored. Glory to GOD

BRO. OLUWASEUN (Lagos, Nigeria)

I came to Lagos in January this year, and I have been believing God for a job. I came across a copy of KEYS TO HAPPY LIVING MAGAZINE, and decided to attend the meeting. I also volunteered to work in the ministry office. Shortly after I started, a friend informed me of a job opening in Makurdi, so I applied. The same week, I was called for an interview. Before I left Lagos I told Pastor Judith that I was going for an interview and that I will return on Monday to resume my duties; but she told me “There will not be need to return because you will be offered the Job”

She prayed that God would favor me, behold I got a job with FEDERAL INLAND REVENUE SERVICE when I have not yet done my NYSC.  I thank God for this ministry and give Him glory

Bro. Leo (Lagos Nigeria)

I was walking pass and saw a group people in the church building. The spirit of the Lord told me to go in. after the fellowship; I met with the pastor and narrated my ordeal to her. She prayed with me and the next day, someone told me of a job opening. I went there, though, I was not even qualified for the position, they agreed to train me for the job and I finally got the offer, after been jobless for a long time. I return the glory to God.

Bro. Fidele (Benin-Republic)

I met with Pastor Judith in 2011, I was already a pastor but my life had no meaning. Things were so bad to the extent that my wife will take my kids to another church to worship meanwhile I had a church; that was a stab on me.

When I discussed with Pastor Judith she gave me a revelation from Genesis 2:19b “whatsoever Adam called every living creature that was the name thereof” she said I should call forth whatever I want my life and ministry to be.

That revelation dawned on me, I began meditating on those words and calling forth the unusual upon my life and ministry and gradually things began to turn around.

Doors began to open, God gave us a church in the United State of America, made us citizens and our ministry is impacting lives.

Recently, I was arrested for reckless driving and I was charged to court. I began to call forth what I want and decreed that the judge will discharge the case and it happened exactly as I have named it. Halleluya. Glory to God

God bless you Pastor Judith.

Pst . Salami (Florida, U.S.A.)

I want to bless the name of the Lord for what He has done in my life through this ministry.

I listen to Pastor Judith’s teaching @ Singles & Married Today.

She said “Any battle you cannot win over your family did not go away but you are leaving it for your children to fight”

At that time my parent were going through divorce so I called my parents and ask if they love me and my other siblings, they replied yes. Then I said to them “do not leave us to fight the battle of brokenness”. I also talked and advised them with all I have been taught. To the glory of God, my mother withdrew the divorce suit.

Bro. Jesse. P. (Lagos, Nigeria)

I listened to your message on “Anger a deadly enemy” and I was relief instantly .

My sister in-law did something that hurt me three years ago. Each time I remember this issue, I feel bad in my spirit.

I pray to forget but I could not, I stopped calling her and few of her family member who took side with her

They all believed, I said all the things she accused me of, even my husband took side with her and I was bitter

The problem is, none of them could remember all these things anymore, they kept wondering why I did not call the way I use to

But as I listened to your message on Anger, and all the advice on it, I was healed and I decided to forgive them all. Thank you so much.

Sis. Blessing (England)