The invisible power of patience ( in choosing and sustaining a healthy marriage.)

There is training; every one ought to train him or herself, the training of patience.

Though humans do not like the waiting period of patience, that gap between were they are and where they hope to be.

But in every one’s life, there is always where you want to be, from where you are.

The day you arrive at place you want to be, and nowhere else, you have come to the end of the road.

Patience is the ability to wait and that ability comes by grace.

There is nowhere else patience is required as much as relationship or marriage, because it has to do with another person.

If you desire a healthy relationship, you must need the pacifier called “patience”

If you are seeing a negative side of your spouse, patience is what will ensure you don’t only end up just with the negative; it ensures you also see the positive side of him.

If you know how to believe which is faith and know how to wait which is patience, then you will be success in relationship.

When you see marriage break up, two things are responsible: they had stop believing and are tired of waiting.

These two thing ensures a beautiful marriage and the lack of it cause a relationship failure.

So is true with life, if you don’t stop believing in yourself or God and can wait, you will be successful at anything.

How to develop patience

  1. Have hope: hope is the substance patience stands on. No one can develop the energy to wait without, having hope on what they are waiting for.

Hope is an optimistic feeling that something good will come out of something. Always be hopeful about your endeavor.

Life will never offer you beyond what you desire.

When you are having some, pressure in your marriage, finances be your health, hope it will get better and it will get better

Hope inside of you will produce patience, let it not end at mere hope step it up to step two

  1. Believing is much deeper than hope, now your feelings had graduated from hope to confidence, assurance that things will get better.

When it comes to marriage, we know we cannot trust in humans, but we can believe in the God that established the marriage institution. Who is also able to help protect our marriage.

So your believe in God, that will help you to believe in your marriage or relationship.

(The two most powerful words in relationship, is faith and patience; it can work a dead relationship back to life.

(Hebrew 6:12) “So that you may not be sluggish, but imitators of those who through faith and patience inherit the promises.”

Relationship or marriage is a product of faith.

You enter into marriage, by believing it will work out, you have not seen 10years time, or 20years but you join your life with other, believing it will be forever.

Now if faith establishes your union, patience is what will pacify it to the end.

You cannot use faith and not use patience; you will hit the ice berg.

The problems with today’s marriage is not peculiar with marriages only, the problem is we are in a generation where the word waiting or patience had gone out of fashion. We want things now.

Patience is the unfailing secret of a Healthy marriage be imitator of those who through Faith and patience obtain the promise.

To obtain anything of worth, patience is required. If you are confident in anything, somehow you develop the grace to wait for what you believe in. So Faith can help you to generate patience

There is no big business or organization that was not built on perseverance, as though you are using brick to build a house; growth at a time.

3: prayers- you need to ask God to help you wait for that which is yours.

A lot people had miss great things destined for them because they could not wait.

It takes patience, to wait for most things. Because greatness most time don’t always appear as they are.

Seeds are not always attractive, but fruit are, you need a time in-between seed and it fruit.

Before any seed bring out beautiful fruit, it has to do time so it is in every life. You are a seed with fruit in you, so also is your spouse.

Pray daily to God for grace to stay patience while He is processing your blessing.

Whatever you ask, He will give it to you!


  1. Patience to choose the right spouse.

A lot of people are crying today in marriage because of lack of patience, they choose too soon.

Patience is the ability to wait in the right direction, even when there is alternative.

You can never miss it with patience; patience does not make you ashamed.

(Romans 5:4 ) “And endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame,

I am sharing this with you today, fulfilling purpose, because I was patient to wait for my right spouse, when I was single, There was alternative, ready, have a great job, own his own luxurious house, look like what people will call ideal husband, but I knew he was not mine, so I say no and hope for the one I had not seen yet because hope can never fall, he showed up.

I married the right man for me, that why I enjoy peace in my home. I thank God I was patient to wait for my own husband.

Please don’t be desperate, wait to marry the right one for you.

Don’t be in a hurry, there is a spouse reserved for you. Your spouse may come in a wrong package, only patience can help unwrap the package.

Hope for him or her, and you will find grace to wait.

Learn how to wait, your spouse may not have much right now, but it will not be too long.

You cannot team any one poor because they don’t have much material possession.

You can only say someone is poor, when he/she is poor in his or her mind, in spirit and in morals.

These are the only things that can ensure perpetual poverty, but if you meet any one that is rich in these qualities, it only a matter of time, material riches will be added to them.

Patience is a virtue, and when you possess it, it will give you a niche in the affair of life.

Patience is key to God that is why most of life natural process takes time. He does not allow plant to glow overnight

He did not allow you to form over night, it took nine months process.

When He gives any man assignment, He allows him to grow into it.

Even as crucial as redeeming man was to Him, he allows Jesus to follow the natural process of growth. These are things to learn from.

Patience produces experience, and you need those experiences to excel in Life.

If you are single, wait your spouse will show up, believe you will get married, make up your mind that you will not be among people that remain single forever,

Hope for your spouse, he or she will show up.

If you are truly hopeful, you will no longer be weary.

  1. Patience to build and maintain:

Building a healthy marriage takes a lot time, hard work, sacrifice, love, and forgiveness. And putting all things together required patience

Love needs patience as fuel to keep up, sacrifice says patience is my support, forgiveness says, I can’t even move without it and time say is the bridge I cross to the other side without being worried, patience itself says, I need me something.

Each time we chat with couples and you hear, we had been together for 10years, 20years 40years, what that means is they had use patience for that number of years and still using it.

Do you think they never thought of quitting sometimes but, they stay patient for something to be added,

Some stayed patience for their spouse to grow up from rush and immature decision,

Some stay for a cheating spouse to become faithful,

Some stayed prayed for unbelieving spouse to become a believer,

Some stayed for a disrespectful wife to become respectful

Some stayed with abusive spouse until they changed.

Some stayed without money until God turn things around.

Challenges are normal with human lives, Quitting is never a good solution, and different storm hit different people.

What is the storm of your marriage right now, don’t quit, face it and overcome it.

I wonder why you will think, you will not face challenges, when the people that wrote the bible, wrote their own storm in it and how they overcome it.

The book of Psalm is  full with David challenges, Apostle Paul wrote his, Jesus was face with scarcity in His ministry and use thanksgiving to overcome scarcity.

Job own was recorded, and the list is endless.

Any endeavor that is worthful will attract challenges; you have to learn to stay focus.