Ways To Bridge The Gap To Avoid Weariness In Singleness

  1. Learn to occupy your mind with other things: Naturally, it is very frustrating to wait especially when you are not doing anything during the period and if you are waiting for someone for example for three years and you are not doing anything at that time but, if you are engage with something you will not know that you waited that long. Naturally, when you weary it must show all over you and mind you that whatever you have in the inside is going to show on the outside no matter how you try to hide it. Also singleness is not a curse and what you need to do is to start to do something now and something so desiring that will be better for you, also avoid being idle because it might stop the chances of getting married and try to put a value on your life. When you remove your concentration, worries about marriage and put your mind on things attractive, you will definitely get attracted to the right partner. Make up your mind to start working on valuable and when you worry about marriage, you will look unattractive and even un-kept because that is the only thing that occupied your mind, example of Ruth in the bible will help us to put ourself in order.

A lot of people have become ungrateful because they are not married and remember that God said that we should occupy the earth until He comes not marriage; so in every man or woman’s life, God has already made our partners for us and for you to wait is not a crime or sin and God did not say you should worry. Another example is Adam in the bible; although he is alone but, he was always busy until God gave him a partner “Eve”. So you have to stop worrying about marriage and also mind you that there is no special place we meet our spouse, it could either be on the bus stop, street, anywhere. It does not matter where you meet your spouse.

Another example is that a full house wife is not always busy, what is always on her mind is the time her husband will come back home and if her husband fails to come back on time not minding the reasons, she will pick offense and accusation on the man but not so with a working class wife or husband because instead of arguing over such matter they will be talking of long day they had. When you occupy yourself in your marriage, it will less the trouble of marriage so, learn to occupy yourself in life.

Another example is a set of couples that  are prolonging their marriage not knowing they are the one doing so, you can see an older lady asking and pressuring a man when they should get married and if the man finally answers, she will get more frustrated and before you know it, the man will disappear because the man may feel or think she does not love him but she want to get married to him and that kind of marriage, you will still be married and lonely  because you are anxious to get married and God does not answer anxious prayer; what you have to do is to start praying now not with anxiousness but make your request known to God.

Another example is that a friend of mine, before she got married, she prayed earnestly for a husband and finally God gave her a husband and because she does not have any child yet, she no longer appreciate her husband because she wants another one and in that case God does not know how to answer such prayer at this point. Learn how to appreciate God before you start making another request.

In a business organization for example, if someone lends you some money to start up a business and instead of making use of the resources he/she gave you, you start asking for another, that should not be so because, you are looking for your own satisfaction you forget to appreciate.


  1. Be rest assure that you will get married: a lot of single today are afraid because they think they might not get married and they are worried because they are not sure they will get married and it will begin to weigh them down. For you to get married is a right (must) and it must not disturb you because it is God’s will for mankind except you choose not to get married.                                                                                                                               Also God has already create your husband before he brought wife; whether they are older or you are older, God had already create man before woman and in the case of Adam, He already knows that Adam needs a partner and He provided one for him (Eve) so, you must not be worried about that; just be rest assure that it is a must that you will get married and it is God’s will.
  2. Tell yourself that you are a good thing and that you are valuable: Learn to tell yourself the secret about yourself because what you said you are is what people are going to call you or perceive of you. for example, if you do not respect yourself people will not respect you and you do not have to blame them because you do not have the confidence of yourself also, when you walk up in a company and display you are capable of doing this or that, it is left for the person to know how much confidence he/she has that will determine if he/she is going to employ you and that is how it is in a relationship; you must try and believe in yourself. A lot of examples that will help you believe in yourself and another example is when a man is approaching a lady and the lady seems not to be interested in the guy, maybe there is no confidence in him and she will not like to risk her life to such man.                                                                                                                                                                                 Everyone is looking for someone who is ready or programme his/herself that he/she is capable of doing something perfect that will make you attractive. So learn what you tell yourself in the secret. Also because Adam has the mind of Christ that how he knew that Eve is a woman, so we must have the mind of Christ, also that we can detect the plan of God in our life.
    How did the confidence show up on the outside of you and you will begin to know the mind of God:a. Knowledge: have the knowledge of who you are, what you want to be, what you are going to be. Therefore, knowledge will get you attracted to your spouse when you realize it on time. Never be afraid of being single forever or afraid of being divorce because it is God’s will you will get married and divorce is not God’s will for your life. Note that nothing gives self worth like doing something productive, that is , things that will make you being confidence and when someone ask you what you are doing it might not be big but for the future sake, you can give the person the right and confident answer. So, start to think and add value to yourself.

    b. Information: Be inform about things; do not be timid because God is not timid. Always make sure you do not look down on yourself. Never be found on the back side of life, be happy and do not be rejected or be at the back.

    4. To be available: If you are single and you desire to get married, you must be available; it has a lot to do in a relationship.


a. Your Character: Your character must be available and when you want to get married, you must make your character marry-able. Also when you work in an organization, try and fix yourself where you will be seen or noticed and that is the more reason you must look good and be your best anywhere you find yourself and these days nobody want to pick anything because they want the best for their self.

b. The way you look will be the first thing that will attract people around you.

c. Countenance: Your countenance will determine who will get married to you.

5. To make yourself happy: Even though you do not have anything in life, make sure you try and yourself happy with what you are doing at that time. If you do not find what makes you happy; at the end of life you will find out you were never happy all your life. So every stage in life be happy while God is working your case. Note that happiness will make you more attractive and healthy.