What We Do.

Through the anointing and calling of God on Pastor Judith Imagoro’s life, her ministry is dedicated to teach the word of God to help build families with deep Christ values, share God’s wisdom of making marriages and relationship work, equip, and prepare singles for a successful and blissful married life.

We teach life changing messages through Radio Broadcast, various media productions, live conferences, and this website. Also we accept invitations from schools, communities, conferences, and churches locally and internationally, to share this unique insight and anointing with their members.

We teach, counsel and pray with individuals from all over the world, as a result, we have harvested thousands of testimonies from marriages at the verge of divorce that had been restored, and we had led thousands of singles into healthy and godly relationships and into their desired homes.

The word of God and in-depth of revelation that we teach had help add beauty and joy to many lives.

Our teachings are targeted to build faith, instill hope in people, save souls, strengthen marriages against the plague of divorce, help couples understand the purpose of marriage and its strength. Also to help couples understand the power of togetherness in marriage , and how to use it to achieve everyday victory.