The Benefit Of Building A Healthy Marriage To Your Generation

Marriage is a covenant or agreement between a man and a woman to share life together and to accomplish common purpose.

It was the first institution God established on earth for the purpose of continuity and for continuous effective leadership.

The desire to be great and to produce great off spring starts from the home. Your home is the most effective place to incubate great leaders. The first leadership experience any child will have is from both parents. Children naturally learn and pick habits from parents. And because children grow to pick habits after their parent, who you chose to co- parent with is very important. If you practice order, your children will learn orderliness, if you practice love and respect that will become their natural habits.
All these characteristics are attributes an effective leader has to cultivate. Any child that grows up in a healthy environment always has an edge over others.
They grow up with attitude that others takes a lifetime to cultivate. And always people feel comfortable to give responsibility to disciplined and diligent individuals.
The best time to learn to be disciplined is our formative years and parents play a large role during those years.
When people tell their spouses “I am done”, “and it is over”, because they are faced with challenges in their marriages, it is not healthy for the next generation. In human life, challenges are normal and quitting is never a good solution.
You have to learn to be strong and manage every challenge that comes your way. Never quit your marriage because you are faced with challenges, quitting will rob your children of an irrecoverable experience of having both of their parents not living together.
Check the history of all the good leaders all over the world, they are people with good moral background, with mother and father living together.
Out of the 45 Presidents that have ever ruled America only three out of them (Obama, Clinton and Ford) had divorced parents. And they were still raised by good grandparents living together; and out of the 45 only two has been divorced.
You need the foundation of a healthy and working marriage to emerge a strong and effective leader.
Marriage is beyond you and your spouse alone, it has a lot to do with the future of your children and your nation. Look beyond you and your partner when making decisions.
99 % of all the serial killers in the world came from a broken home.
The more of working and healthy marriages we have, the more of responsible leaders we will produce for effective leadership,
The reason we do not have listening leaders in Africa is because they also never had listening parents, which was their first leadership experience. Because you cannot give what you do not have.